Get Ready to Print Your Coupon!

Make sure your printer is turned on and loaded with paper.
Your coupon(s) will print directly to the default printer for your computer. The default printer must be set to a printer, not a fax machine or PDF creator.

If this is your first time printing our online coupons, you will need to install a small software program that handles the procedure.
Follow the instructions that appear. If you are running antivirus or similar security software, you may need to tell it to allow the installation or temporarily disable it. You must install the Coupon Printer to print your coupon. Your Coupon Printer takes just seconds to download.

We recommend you print the coupon(s) at home rather than at work.
Sometimes company networks have security systems in place that do not allow you to install software.

Please note the following technical instructions.
Coupon printing is supported on Windows Operating Systems 98, NT 4, 2000, ME, XP and Vista when used with Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 2+, and most AOL browsers. Coupon printing is also supported on Macintosh when using Safari under OS X 10.3 and higher.

Having trouble?
A small percentage of users experience difficulty printing coupons.
If you are having difficulty, please click here.

When you're ready to start, click the "Print Coupon" button.